Small And Medium Enterprises (SMEs)

  • Incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 or Companies Act 2016.
  • With at least 60% equity owned by Malaysians.
  • Manufactures products that are made in Malaysia or provide services for export that originated from Malaysia

Professional Service Providers (Sole Proprietor Or Partnership)

  • Incorporated under the Registration of Business Act (1956) or registered under the respective statutory bodies for professional services providers.
  • With at least 60% equity owned by Malaysians.

Trade & Industry Associations, Chambers Of Commerce Or Professional Bodies

  • Registered with the Registrar of Society (ROS) or Associated Professional Authority.


  • Incorporated under Co-operative Societies Act 1993.
  • At least 60% equity owned by Malaysian.
  • The main business activity of the co-operative is for exporting.
  • Exporting products Made in Malaysia or Malaysian services.

谁有资格申请市场开发援助金 (MDG)?

中小型企业 (SME)

  • 根据 1965 年公司法或 2016 年公司法成立。
  • 马来西亚人拥有至少 60% 的股权。
  • 制造在马来西亚制造的产品或提供源自马来西亚的出口服务


  • 根据《商业登记法》(1956 年)注册成立或根据专业服务提供商的相应法定机构注册。
  • 马来西亚人拥有至少 60% 的股权。


  • 在社会登记处 (ROS) 或相关专业机构注册。


  • 根据 1993 年合作社法成立。
  • 马来西亚人拥有至少60%的股权。
  • 合作社的主要业务是出口。
  • 出口马来西亚制造的产品或马来西亚的服务。

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