SERVICES EXPORT FUND (SEF) provides assistance to Malaysian Service Providers (MSPs) to undertake activities to expand and venture into the international market and build a global service brand for Malaysia.

The assistance is extended in the form of reimbursable grant and the grant disbursed is according to the maximum amount of each activity for the duration of the period 2021-2025!

Overseas Activities Eligible for SEF:

💡 Promoting Malaysian Expertise

💡 Travelling expenses for tender bidding/ documents

💡 Conduct Presentation

💡 Rendering Services

💡 Setting up Office

SERVICES EXPORT FUND (SEF) 为马来西亚服务提供商 (MSP) 提供协助,以开展活动以扩展和进入国际市场,并打造大马在全球的服务品牌。

援助以有偿赠款的形式提供。而发放的补助金是根据 2021-2025 年期间每项活动的最高Amount。

Apply SEF的合格活动:

💡 推广马来西亚专业技能

💡 前往招标投标 / 文件的差旅费

💡 进行演讲/介绍

💡 渲染服务

💡 设立办事处(海外CBD)

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.