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Assisting business owners to overcome the
limitations in business growth.

Want to start a business but don’t know how to start ?

Common Challenges Faced by Startups

  • Lacking in human and financial capital
  • Hustling to prepare the required documents
  • No idea in which department should visit
  • Not sure is eligible to which grant 
  • Difficulties to obtain certifications
  • Loan applications rejected by bank
  • Digital adoption


How Can

We Help?

  • Government Grant
  • Government Loan
  • SME Loan from Financial Institution
  • Free Document Checking
  • Weekly Webinar Sharing on Tips to gain Max Grant for SME
  • Account Registration & Certification Apply for Government
  • Experience consultants coaching with personal Whatsapp group

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Hi Eric, we have received the subsidy of RM12,600 from Prihatin Program.
The professional choice for company's grant application and business advisory. Efficient, accurate, and excellence services.
Jeff Lee
Hi, for your info, juz wanna update that we had received the payment by today morning. The figure that we received is RM5,120.00 ✅
Thanks to Ms Shafika have get done the Penjana & MyFuturejob registration n just waiting for the email verification.
Suet Ng



💸人人有份,政府津贴从不等人!你的机会掌握在你手上💸 老板们!你知道吗?你有机会通过政府津贴获得高达RM9,000的支持!🌟 别错过这个免费的机会!每位符合条件的雇员均可获取高达RM9,000。🌟 *每位员工RM9000, 10位员工就可以拿到RM90,000!🤩 别让这个机会溜走,抓住额外的资金!🤑

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🏡 马来西亚房屋贷款攻略:5个必须知道的事情 🏡

购房是人生中最重要的投资之一,因此,在贷款购房时,了解贷款流程至关重要,以避免犯下错误决定,陷入财务困境,将贷款过程复杂化并导致更大的问题!  在申请房屋贷款时,了解以下5个关键要点是必不可少的,它们将帮助您在贷款过程中站稳脚跟,顺利成为房屋的主人!  1. 房屋贷款的类型 了解不同类型的房屋贷款是至关重要的。在马来西亚,房屋贷款主要分为传统定期贷款、半灵活贷款和灵活贷款。根据个人的财务状况和需求,选择适合自己的贷款类型非常重要。 2. 房屋贷款利率的类型 贷款利率有固定利率和可变利率两种类型。理解它们的差异以及如何影响您的还款是至关重要的。在选择合适的贷款方案时,不仅要考虑当前的利率,还要考虑长期的财务规划。  3. 贷款的借贷率

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