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Claimable expenses

1. Service Export Fund (SEF)Grant/matching grantMax RM1.3 mil
2. Malaysia Grand ChallengeMatching grantMax RM15 mil
3. Greater KL Live LabGrantMax RM70k
4. Market Development GrantGrantMax RM300k
5. Industry4ward Intervention FundMatching grantMax RM500k
6. National Technology & Innovation Sandbox FundGrant/ matching grant Max Rm4.75 mil
7.Halal Technology Development FundMatching grantMax 4 mil

8. eTrade 2.0

GrantMax RM25k
9. Bumiputera Enterprise Enhancement Programme (BEEP) Training/Grant N/A
10. Young Agroprenuer Grant (GAM)GrantMax RM20k
11. High Impact Product (HIP)Matching Grant Max RM200k
12. Change Upgrade Product (CUP)Matching GrantMax RM60k
13. CIP SPARKGrantUp to RM150k
14. CIP SPRINTGrantUp to RM 600k
15. SHORT TERM EMPLOYMENT PROGRAMME (MYSTEP 2023) Grant100% salary subsidies
16. Greater Technology Development 1(TED 1)/TRL2-3GrantMax 1mil
17. Technology Development 2(TED 2)/TRL 4-7GrantMax 3mil
18. Strategic Research Fund(SRF)/TRL 3-9GrantMax RM15mil
19. Galakan Eksport Bumiputera (GEB) Matching GrantMax RM250k
20. Daya KerjayaGrantClaimable limit: RM1800
LOAN :  
21. Kojadi SME LOANLoanMax RM 500k
22. Business Growth FundLoanMax RM 10mil
23. Business Start-up FundLoanMax RM 5mil
24. TEKUN Niaga Financing SchemeLoanMax RM 100K
25. KONTRAK-I Financing SchemeLoanMax RM100k
26. TEMANNITA Financing SchemeLoanFirst financing from RM 1,000 to RM 10,000
27. Rural Economy Funding Scheme (SPED)LoanMax RM20k
28. Special Business Financing Scheme for Women (DanaNITA)LoanMax RM150k
 29. Technology Entrepreneur Financing Scheme (SPiM Tekno)Loan

Sole Proprietorship / Partnership:

Minimum: RM50,000.00,Maximum: RM250,000.00;

Private Limited (Sdn Bhd):

Minimum: RM50,000.00, Maximum: RM500,000.00

30. Business Financing Scheme (SPiM) LoanMax RM 500k
31. Industry Value Chain Development Programme – (PRiN)LoanMax RM1mil
32. Express Contract Financing Scheme (SPiKE)/SPiKE GLCLoanMax RM1mil
33. Financing Scheme for Persons with Disabilities (OKU)LoanMax RM50k
34. Financing Scheme for IPMA Graduates (SEMAi)LoanMax RM50k
35. Youth / MARA Educational Institution Graduate Entrepreneur Programme (PUTRA)LoanMax RM10k
36. Professional Financing Scheme (ProSPEC)LoanMin RM250k Max RM500k
 37. BSN Micro /I SemarakLoan Max RM50k
38. Business Recapitalisation Facility (BRF)LoanMax RM5 mil
 39. Disaster Relief Facility (DRF) 2023LoanMax RM700k
40. Micro Enterprises Facility (MEF)LoanMax RM50k
41. Low Carbon Transition Facility (LCTF)LoanUp to RM 10mil 
42. SME Revitalisation Financing (SMERF)LoanMax RM250k
43. Soft Financing Scheme for SMEs (SFSME)LoanMax RM 5mil
44. Soft Financing Scheme for Digital & Technology (SFDT)LoanMax RM 1mil
45. Services Biz Financing (SBF)LoanMax. RM 5 mil
46. Sustainable and Green Biz Financing (SGBF)LoanMax RM 10 mil
47. Soft Financing Scheme for Bumiputera Automotive Entrepreneurs (SFSBAE)LoanMax RM 5 mil
48. Jumpstart Financing SchemeLoanMax RM 500k
49. Sports Industry Funding SchemeLoanMax RM100k
50. Indian Community Entrepreneur Development Scheme (SPUMI)LoanMax RM 100k
51. Kampung Baru Cina Financing (PKBC)LoanMax RM 50k
52. MARA Integrated Smart Auto (MISA)LoanMax 1mil
53. PEMULIH Government Guarantee Scheme (PGGS)LoanMax RM50 mil
54. Kojadi Micro CreditLoanMax RM50k
55. Malaysian Chinese Women Entrepreneur Foundation (MCWEF)LoanMax RM30k
56. Mobile Business Financing Scheme (Mobile Business/Karavan)LoanMax RM500k
57. Technical Entrepreneur Development Program (PUTEK)LoanMax RM500k
58. MARA Entrepreneur Guarantee Scheme (SJUM)LoanMax RM 2mil
59. High Tech & Green Facility (HTG)LoanMax RM 10mil
60. YPPKM Micro CreditLoanMax RM20k
61.YPPKM Transformation Micro Credit LoanMax RM50k
62. SME Automation and Digitalisation Fund (ADF)LoanMax RM3mil
63. All Economic Sector Facility (AES)LoanMax RM5mil
64. Soft Financing Scheme for Automation & Modernisation (SFSAM) Loan Max RM20mil
65. Micro/i Kasih-NitaLoanMax RM50k
66. Micro/i KasihLoanMax RM50k

Latest update on 1 JUNE 2023

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