• Employers who are ELIGIBLE to apply are: 
    • Registered SOCSO before 1 January 2022
    • Employers from the public sector, federal and state Statutory Bodies, Remuneration Separated Statutory Bodies, Local Authorities (PBT) are only eligible for the Apprenticeship category
    • Employers are required to pay eagles together with SOCSO and EPF contributions on time.
  • INELIGIBLE employers are: 
    • Private employment agencies or outsourcing companies are not eligible.
    • If the company hires the employees directly (employee’s salary paid by company), and then outsources them to other companies, the company is eligible to apply.
  • 雇主申请资格:
    • 在2022年1月1号前已在SOCSO官网注册。
    • 公共机构,法定机构联邦和州,薪酬分离的法定机构的雇主和地方政府只有聘请学徒才符合资格。
    • 雇主需确保有准时支付与缴纳合同合同内规定的工资及SOCSO & EPF。
  • 不符合申请资格的雇主:
    • 私营职业介绍所或外包公司不符合申请资格。
    • 若公司直接雇佣员工并负责支付员工薪水,再外包给其他公司,就有资格申请。

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.

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