National Technology and Innovation Sandbox (NTIS)

  • Allows to test products and services in a live environment and qualify for grants to bring those products and services to market. 
  • Relaxes certain regulatory requirements to accelerate the development of innovation from the R&D stage to being commercially ready. 
  • With an RM100 million allocation, it was tasked with fast-tracking the nation’s aspiration to become  an innovation-driven economy.

NTIS missions:

  • Drastically reduce dependency on foreign labour
  • Increase employment opportunities for Malaysians
  • Increase Gross Domestic Product (GDP)/Gross National Income (GNI)
  • Enhance the participation, investment and collaboration in research by the private sector
  • Improve the country’s commercialisation rate

什么是国家技术创新沙箱 (NTIS)?

国家技术创新沙箱 (NTIS)

  • 允许在实时环境中测试产品和服务,并有资格获得将这些产品和服务推向市场的赠款。
  • 放宽某些监管要求,以加快创新从研发阶段到商业化的发展。
  • 以 1 亿令吉拨款,它的任务是快速追踪国家成为创新驱动型经济体的愿望。

NTIS 使命:

  • 大幅减少对外国劳动力的依赖
  • 增加马来西亚人的就业机会
  • 增加国内生产总值 (GDP)/国民总收入 (GNI)
  • 加强私营部门对研究的参与、投资和合作
  • 提高国家商业化率

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.

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