• Financial incentive given to employers who make new hires from 1 January 2022
  • Hire among apprentices, graduates, vulnerable groups including the disabled, ex-servicemen, ex -prisoners, senior citizens and the general unemployed.
  • Maximum incentive of RM36,000 is provided for each individual taken under the JaminKerja Program – Employment Incentives
  • Incentives are paid to the employer every 2 months for employment performed within 12 months.
  • Payment will be made for the period of active employee and will be terminated in the event of resignation.
  • Mobility Allowance is provided to recruited employees of RM500 which is paid directly on a ‘one off’ basis to the employees


  • 从 2022 年 1 月 1 日起向新聘用的雇主提供经济奖励。
  • 雇佣学徒,一般求职者,弱势群体,女性,主要领域员工和替代外籍员工/外籍人士。
  • 聘请1位员工可获得高达RM 36000的津贴。
  • 每 2 个月向雇主支付一次奖励。
  • 工资将在在职员工期间支付,并在辞职时终止。
  • 向招聘的员工提供 RM500 的流动津贴,直接以“一次性”的方式支付给员工。

Application period 申请日期:


Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.

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