Documents required:

  • Employer’s bank account information (front copy with employer’s name), employer’s account number and bank name
  • Information on the employer’s business registration number that has been confirmed by the Bank (Business Registration Number – BRN)
  • BRN Employee Verification Form signed by the employee
  • Employee’s bank account information (copy of the front page of the Bank Statement with the employee’s name, employee account number, identity card number and bank name)


  • 雇主的银行账户信息(正面复印件带有雇主姓名)、雇主帐号和银行名称
  • 经银行确认的雇主商业登记号码信息(商业登记号码 – BRN)
  • 由员工签署的 BRN 员工验证表
  • 员工的银行账户信息(包含员工姓名、员工账号、身份证号码和银行名称的银行对账单首页复印件)

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