• What is RA?
    • Trained assessors will help you to understand your readiness for Industry 4.0 and make recommendations on where to start your transformation
  • Who Are Eligible?
    • Manufacturing and its related services sector
    • Valid registration and business licences
    • Company has at least 60% local equity
    • In operation for more than 3 years
  • What are the benefits?
    • Identify areas of improvement in terms of people, process and technology.
    • Receive a comprehensive readiness report.
    • Be entitled to apply for financial incentives.


  • 什么是RA?
    • 训练有素的评估员将帮助您了解您对工业 4.0 的准备情况,并就从何处开始转型提出建议
  • 谁有资格?
    • 制造业及其相关服务业
    • 有效的注册和营业执照
    • 公司拥有至少 60% 的当地股权
    • 运营3年以上
  • 什么好处?
    • 确定人员、流程和技术方面的改进领域。
    • 收到一份全面的准备情况报告。
    • 有权申请经济奖励。

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.

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