• Provides proof of evidence of natural disaster through a letter issued by the district office or a copy of a police report; and,
  • Possesses a valid premises licence issued by the municipal council (pihak berkuasa tempatan);
  • SMEs incorporated under the Companies Act 1965 or Registration of Business Ordinance 1956;
  • Operates in the area declared as a disaster area by Majlis Keselamatan Negara or district offices.
  • 通过地区办事处出具的信函或警方报告的副本提供自然灾害的证据证明。
  • 拥有由市议会 (pihak berkuasa tempatan) 颁发的有效场所许可证。
  • 根据 1965 年公司法或 1956 年商业登记条例成立的中小企业。
  • 在由 Majlis Keselamatan Negara 或地区办事处宣布为灾区的地区运营。

Type of Natural Disasters:

  • Drought干旱
  • Storm风暴
  • Flood水灾
  • Beach erosion海滩侵蚀
  • Landslide土崩

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