Aim to accelerate companies to launch advanced technology applications in various sectors and drive innovation in Malaysia. 

Here’s how NTIS have got your back:
Capacity building programmes
Market access
Funding facilitation
Testbed and test environment facilitation
Facilitation / review of regulations and laws
Multi-industry adoption

国家技术创新沙箱 (NTIS)的好处和支援


以下是 NTIS 如何为您提供支持:

  • 能力建设计划
  • 市场准入
  • 资助便利
  • 测试平台和测试环境便利化
  • 促进/审查法规和法律
  • 多行业采用

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.

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