Eligible employees are by category, as follows 符合条件的员工按类别分类 : 

Categories 群体Eligibility Criteria 条件
Apprenticeship 学徒– Employees aged 18 – 30 years
– Executive positions only
– 18岁至30岁
– 仅限行政职位
General Job Seekers 普通求职者– Workers aged 16 – 50 years
– Unemployed for at least 60 days
– 16岁至50岁
– 失业最少60天
Vulnerable Groups 弱势群体– Individuals who are unemployed for more than 180 days are SIP Beneficiaries
– Army Veteran
– Orang Asli
– Former Prisoner / Parolee
– Disabled persons
– Employees aged 50 years and above
– 失业超过180天
– 就业保险计划的受益人
– 退伍军人
– 原住民
– 前囚犯/被假释的人
– 残疾人士
– 50岁或以上的员工
Women 女性– Unemployed for more than 6 months
– Single mothers / housewives who are not actively working
– Flexible job offers
– 失业超过60天
– 单身母亲/家庭主妇
– 灵活的工作性质
Jobs in key sectors 主要领域员工– Occupations in Tourism-related sectors
– 旅游相关行业的职业
Replacement of Foreign Workers & Expatriates 替代外籍员工/外籍人士– Employers who have proof of hiring expatriates or foreign workers and implement replacements with employees among Malaysians
– 需有用把外籍员工换成马来西亚人的证明

INELIGIBLE employees 

  • Employees receiving Hiring Incentives 3.0.
  • Non-Malaysian Citizen.
  • Intern or student who hasn’t graduated.
  • Employees who leave voluntarily (unless unemployed for more than 2 months or unemployed for a long-time period).
  • Hire employees with family relationships, including parents, spouses, siblings, children and other relatives.


  • 正在领取雇佣津贴3.0的员工。
  • 非马来西亚公民。
  • 实习生或还未毕业的学生。
  • 自愿离职的员工(除非失业超过2个月或长期失业)。
  • 聘请有家庭关系的员工,包括父母,配偶,兄弟姐妹,孩子和其他亲属。

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