1. Incorporated under the Companies Act 2016 or registered under the Business Registration Act 1956
  2. Fishermen’s associations registered under the Fishermen’s Associations Act 1971
  3. Farmers ‘organizations registered under the Farmers’ Organization Constitution
  4. Cooperatives are registered under the Cooperatives Act 1993
  5. Non -Governmental Organizations registered under the Societies Act 1966
  6. Have a business license
  7. Have a valid business premises/premises license

谁有资格申请High Impact Product (HIP)?

  1. 根据 2016 年公司法注册成立或根据 1956 年商业登记法注册
  2. 根据 1971 年渔民协会法注册的渔民协会
  3. 根据农民组织章程注册的农民组织
  4. 合作社是根据 1993 年《合作社法》注册的
  5. 根据 1966 年《社团法》注册的非政府组织
  6. 有营业执照
  7. 拥有有效的营业场所/场所许可证

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