Who are the Candidates?

– Matured candidates, many with years of experience in their areas of specialisation/ expertise
– Completed (or soon to complete) 6 days of targeted training to develop/ enhance soft and technical skills for the workplace
– Pre-screened and shortlisted by Jom Earn Global based on your job requirements
– Undergo counselling/ coaching during their 6 months in the Programme
– Unemployed for at least 2 months (No EPF or SOCSO)
– Malaysian
– Never been part of any Penjana or MySTEP or similar programmes prior to this
– At least 40 years of age and above (no maximum age)

– 成熟的候选人,许多人在其专业/专业领域拥有多年经验
– 已完成(或即将完成)为期 6 天的有针对性的培训,以发展/提高工作场所的软技能和技术技能
– Jom Earn Global 根据您的工作要求预先筛选和入围
– 在计划的 6 个月内接受咨询/指导
– 失业至少 2 个月(没有 EPF 或 SOCSO)
– 马来西亚人
– 在此之前从未参与过任何 Penjana 或 MySTEP 或类似计划
– 至少40岁及以上(没有最高年龄)

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.