What is the Participant nomination process for HIP?

The participant nomination process will be handled by the Department/Agency Implementers under MAFI based on the nomination procedure of program participants provided by the Food and Agro -Based Industry Division (IMAT) of MAFI. 
Priority is given to food industry and agro -based entrepreneurs such as the following:

– Has never been approved matching grant assistance by MAFI;
– Working on selected products that have the potential to be the focus market as follows:
a. Food Category Products
b. Non -Food/Agro -Based Products Category
– Has demonstrated good business performance for at least one (1) year and has not been declared bankrupt and for the entity the incorporated is not wound up
– Potential to a higher level if the capabilities of the enterprise enhanced
– Have a fixed market space (secured market)


参与者提名程序将由部门/机构处理MAFI下的实施者基于计划参与者的提名程序由 MAFI 的食品和农业产业部 (IMAT) 提供。

– 从未获得 MAFI 批准的配套赠款援助;
– 致力于选择有潜力成为重点市场的产品,如下所示:
a. 食品类产品
b. 非食品/农业产品类别
– 以作物产量或残留物、牲畜或渔业为主要材料生产的产品。
– 已在至少一 (1) 年内表现出良好的经营业绩,且未被宣布破产,且注册成立的实体未清盘
– 企业能力提升,潜力更上一层楼
– 有固定的市场空间(安全市场)

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