WHO is Eligible to Apply JAMIN KERJA 2.0?

JaminKerja 2.0 program is a financial incentive up to RM42,000 given to the employer for the application done from 1 August 2022 for new hires starting January 1, 2022.

The objectives and privileges of the JaminKerja 2.0 Program are to stimulate job demand among employers and increase job opportunities and reduce unemployment, helping the employer to rebuild the business after country hit by Covid-19, as well as increase marketability among job seekers.

We are pleased to launch JaminKerja 2.0 , a program under PERKESO funded by the Government of Malaysia given to the employers.

JaminKerja 2.0 计划是一项经济奖励,给予雇主从2022年8月1日起为2022年1月1日开始的新员工所做的津贴,最高可达42,000令吉。

JaminKerja 2.0 计划的目标是刺激雇主的工作需求,增加就业机会和减少失业,帮助雇主在国家遭受Covid-19打击后重建业务,以及增加求职者的市场能力。

💰 Salary subsidy:

1. 30% of monthly salary for 1st to 6th month

2. 40% of monthly salary for 7th to 12th month

3. Maximum incentive is capped at RM42,000 / employee

4. Mobility assistance of RM500.00 (one-off basis)

 ✅ Eligibility Criteria of Employers:

1. Registered SOCSO before 1st Jan 2022.

✅ Eligibility Criteria of Employees:

1. Malaysian citizen

2. New hires starting 1st Jan 2022.

3. Monthly salary requirement: RM1,500 to RM10,000

4. Minimum Contract Period : 12 months

Target participants: 

👤 1) No period of unemployment needed

a. B40 / Miskin Tegar/ Asnaf

b. SIP beneficiary

c. OKU

d. participants of Return To Work (RTW) PERKESO

👤2) 2 months of unemployment

a. Women

b. Tourism sector

c. Ex-army/ orang asli / former prisoner/ parolees

d. Workers aged ≥ 50 

👤3) Unemployed individuals for ≥ 180 days


1. 第1至第6个月为月薪的30%。

2. 第7至12个月为月薪的40%。

3. 最高奖励上限为42,000马币/员工

4. 500.00马币的流动性援助(一次性的)。


1. 在2022年1月1日前注册SOCSO。


1. 马来西亚公民

2. 2022年1月1日开始的新员工。

3. 月薪要求。1,500至10,000令吉

4. 最低合同期:12个月


👤 1) 不需要失业期

a. B40 / Miskin Tegar/ Asnaf

b. 苏州工业园区的受益者

c. OKU

d. 返回工作(RTW)的参与者 PERKESO


a. 女性

b. 旅游部门

c. 退役军人/orang asli/前囚犯/假释人员

d. 年龄≥50岁的工人 

👤3) 失业时间≥180天的人

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.