E- TRADE Programme 2.0 is an enhancement of eTRADE Programme under the RMK-11 with the purpose to accelerate exports via sustained participation in cross-border eCommerce platforms. 

The programme will continue to assist new companies to onboard cross-border eCommerce platforms for export with incentive up to RM5,000 for any cross-border eCommerce platform(s), for one year subscription. 

At the same time, a new incentive with a maximum amount up to RM20,000 per company will be provided to companies that are already doing eCommerce to undertake digital marketing & training activities that can sustain their participation in the cross border eCommerce platform.. 

The incentive is to be utilized within one (1) year.


  1. Registered with SSM – open to ROC / ROB / LLP / Co-operatives registered with SKM
  2. Made in Malaysia – selling Malaysian made products or Malaysian brand registered with MyIPO
  3. Malaysian Owned – at least 60% Malaysian ownership
  4. SME – in accordance to SMECorp SME Definition
  5. Must be a MATRADE member, registered for MyExport and have undertaken Exporters Readiness Assessment Test (ERAT)
  6. Open for Manufacturer / Trading Company only

E- TRADE电子贸易计划 2.0 是对 RMK-11 下的 eTRADE 计划的增强,旨在通过持续参与跨境电子商务平台来加速出口。

该计划将继续协助新公司登陆跨境电子商务平台进行出口,任何跨境电子商务平台的奖励高达 5,000 令吉,为期一年的订阅。

与此同时,每家公司将获得最高 20,000 令吉的新奖励,以提供给已经开展电子商务的公司,以进行数字营销和培训活动,以维持他们参与跨境电子商务平台。

津贴需在一 (1) 年内使用。


  1. 在SSM注册的ROC、ROB或LLP公司
  2. 销售马来西亚制造的产品或马来西亚品牌 (马来西亚注册商标)
  3. 至少60%的股权由马来西亚人拥有
  4. 马来西亚中小型企业
  5. 公司必须在MATRADE注册,订阅MyExport并完成出口准备评估工具 (ERAT)分数
  6. 只对制造商/贸易公司开放

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