100% SALARY SUBSIDIES FOR NEXT 6 MONTHS – Malaysia Short Term Employment Programme (MySTEP) 2022 by Jom Earn Global Sdn Bhd 

MySTEP is an initiative under Belanjawan 2022 by the Ministry of Finance (MoF) *exclusively for Jom Earn Global’s customers only*. The programme aims to provide job opportunities in both the private sectors and in government bodies and agencies, focused in areas of high demand in industry, and seeks to address unemployment, enhance employability and stimulate domestic economy.

1. Malaysian
2. 40 years old or older
3. Unemployed the last 2 months
4. Has not participated in any PenjanaKerja or JaminKerja, or similar programmes previously

*The scope of program includes:*
1. Liaise with the Host Company and Candidates
• ensure clear lines of communication between Host and Candidate(s) 
• help Candidate(s) assimilate well at the workplace
2. Provide a minimum of 6 days training 
3. Provide at least 6 sessions of counselling/ coaching to Candidates to help them understand and work towards meeting and exceeding expectations at the workplace
4. Disburse monthly allowance (in the form of salary + statutory contributions) to Candidates paid by the MyStep 2022 Programme for the duration of up to 6 months.

*The Monthly allowances are tiered based on role level and are proposed as follows:*
1. Non-Executive – RM 2,500 plus EPF & SOCSO
2. Junior Executive – RM 3,500 plus EPF & SOCSO
3. Senior Executive / Junior Manager – RM 4,500 plus EPF & SOCSO
4. Manager – RM6,000 plus EPF & SOCSO

长达6个月的100%薪资补贴 – Malaysia Short Term Employment Programme (MySTEP) 2022 by Jom Earn Global Sdn Bhd

MySTEP 是2022年马来西亚联邦政府财政预算案内的其中一项计划,*独家开放给Jom Earn Global的顾客享有*. 该计划旨在为私营部门和政府机构和机构提供就业机会,重点关注工业高需求领域,并寻求解决失业问题、提高就业能力和刺激国内经济。


1. 马来西亚人

2. 至少40岁及以上

3. 失业至少 2 个月(没有 EPF 或 SOCSO)

4. 从未参与过任何 Penjana 或 MySTEP 或类似计划

计划范围包含 :

1. 与主办公司和候选人联络

• 帮助确保主办方和候选人之间的清晰沟通

• 帮助候选人在工作场所很好地适应

2. 提供至少 6 天的培训

3. 提供至少 6 次咨询/辅导,以帮助他们理解并努力达到并超越工作场所的期望

4. 向 MyStep 2022 计划支付的候选人支付最多 6 个月的每月津贴(以工资 + 法定缴款的形式)


1. 非执行 – RM 2,500 加上 EPF 和 SOCSO

2. 初级行政人员 – RM 3,500 加上 EPF 和 SOCSO

3. 高级行政人员/初级经理 – RM 4,500 加上 EPF 和 SOCSO

4. 经理 – RM6,000 加上 EPF 和 SOCSO

Should you need any help in government funding, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will help to apply for the reliefs and funds available.