NameTypeClaimable expenses
eTradeGrantmaximum RM25,000
Young Agropreneur Grant (GAM)Grantmaximum RM20,000
Galakan Eksport Bumiputera (GEB) ProgrammeGrant/ Loanmaximum RM2.5 million
Service Export Fund (SEF)Grant/ Matching Grantup to RM4.3 million
National Technology & Innovation Sandbox FundGrant/ Matching Grantmaximum RM4 million
Industry4wardMatching Grantmaximum RM500,000
Digitalisation GrantMatching Grantmaximum RM5,000
GSPSBMatching Grantmaximum RM3 million
High Impact Product (HIP)Matching Grantmaximum RM200,000
Change Upgrade ProductMatching Grantmaximum RM60,000
Semarak Niaga – Low Carbon Transition FacilityMatching grant/loanup to RM5 million
Halal FundLoanmaximum RM4 million
Business Growth FundLoanmaximum RM10 million
Business Start-up FundLoanmaximum RM5 million
TEKUN financingLoanmaximum RM100,000
KONTRAK-I Financing SchemeLoanmaximum RM100,000
TEMANNITA Financing SchemeLoanmaximum RM20,000
Rural Economy Funding Scheme (SPED)Loanmaximum RM500,000
Special Business Financing Scheme for Women (DanaNITA)Loanmaximum RM150,000
Business Financing Scheme (SPiM)Loanmaximum RM500,000
Industry Value Chain Development Programme – (PRiN)Loanmaximum RM1 million
Express Contract Financing Scheme (SPiKE)/SPiKE GLCLoanmaximum RM1 million
Financing Scheme for Persons with Disabilities (OKU)Loanmaximum RM50,000
Financing Scheme for IPMA Graduates (SEMAi)Loanmaximum RM50,000
SME Automation and Digitalisation Facility (ADF)Loanmaximum RM3 million
Youth / MARA Educational Institution Graduate Entrepreneur Programme (PUTRA)Loanmaximum RM10,000
Maybank Flood Relief AssistanceLoancan be less or more than RM20,000
Disaster Relief Facility (DRF) 2022Loanup to RM500,000
BSN PEMERKASALoanup to RM50,000
Soft Financing Scheme For Services Sector (SFSSS)Loanminimum RM100,00
Soft Financing Scheme for Automation & Modernisation (SFSAMLoanminimum RM50,000
Business Recapitalisation Facility (BRF)Loanup to RM5 million
SME LOANSoft Loanmaximum RM250,000
SME Emergency Fund (SMEEF)Soft Loanminimum RM50,000
Program Subsidy Upah 5.0 (PSU 5.0)SubsidyRM600 per employee
Jamin KerjaSubsidyup to 20% to 40% of employees’ salary

Latest update on 28th March 2022